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Urine Drug Test Solutions

1 Hour Cleansing Products

Pass your urine drug test with proven drug test solutions. Good for any pre-employment drug test or on the job urine drug screen when you have to pass your drug test. Test'in products are completely undetectable and never create diluted samples. Providing you with the results you need since 1993.

Test Pure Magnum Force 1-hour formula
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Test Pure Magnum Force:

Designed to mask all toxins in urine. Effective for up to 5-hours for larger persons or persons with high toxin levels. Five flavors: Cherry, Orange, and Tropical fruit.
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Duzz' it 1-hour formula

Duzz' it:

Our Duzz'it one hour carbo drink is the largest on the market today. One full liter designed for heavy users to mask all toxins. Comes in three flavors. Grape, Orange, and Tropical Fruit Punch. Effective for up to 6 hours. Taste great!
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Never Fail 1-hour formula

Never Fail:

We combined two of our best 1 hour products to give you the confidence to pass your test without the worry of failing. Works in 1 hour to give you a 6 hour window to pass your test. Designed for all toxins.
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Emergency Capsules 1-hour Capsules

Emergency Capsules:

Designed for to remove all toxins in 1 hour with a 99.95% success rate. Effective for up to 6 hours.
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Chewable 1-hour tablet


A chewable designed to remove all toxins in just 1 hour. Just Chew the tablet, drink some water and go to your test. Effective for up to 6 hours.
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Little Duz 1-hour formula

Little Duz

Works in one hour for moderate users! 99.95% success rate. Last a full 5 hours to pass any urine drug test. Three great tasting flavors.
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Quick'ee 1-hour Chronic Tablets


One-hour Chronic Tablets designed for moderate to heavy users to pass urinalysis drug test. Effective up to 5 hours.
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Klear Capsules 1-hour Capsues

Klear Capsules:

Designed for moderate THC users that use less than 4 times a week. Works in 90 min. Effective 3 to 5 hours.
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Test'in Tea 90-Minute Tea

Test'in Tea:

Fast and efficient. Perfect for light to medium usage. Works in 90 minutes, Last for a full 5 hour's. Great fruit punch flavor. Pass your drug test with confidence. One free home drug test kit included.
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After Buzz

After Buzz:

Help fight hangovers when hydration is essential. AfterBuzz replaces valuable nutrients and helps with re-hydration, the number one cause of hangovers. Wake up feeling great.
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Test'in Pre-cleanse Tablets

Pre-cleanse Tablets:

Recommended daily for a preparation or maintenance program. To help acclerate the elimination of all toxins. A one month supply of Test'in pre-cleanse tablets.
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